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Handwriting & Literacy

Addressing handwriting problems. This area also covers reading and writing difficulties.

Motor Skills

These include struggles with riding a bike, catching a ball and doing buttons.

Sensory Processing

Struggling with loud noises, touch or movement.

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Primitive Reflexes

Dealing with learning and behavioural challenges. Click the image above for a detailed symptom list.

About Us

OT4 Children | Emma Butler | Occupational Therapist Bray Wicklow
Passion for working with school aged children who are under performing in their school work.

Emma Butler graduated with an honours B.Sc in Occupational Therapy (OT) from Trinity College Dublin in 2005. For the following 10 years Emma worked as a member of a multidisciplinary team in Enable Ireland Wicklow working with children with physical and sensory disabilities and their families.

During her clinical work Emma has attended numerous continuing professional development courses qualifying in provision of specialist intervention techniques e.g. Bobath (NDT), Wilbarger Protocol, Therapeutic Listening, Auditory Integration Training, eyesight to insight, integrating the visual, vestibular, auditory triad and Sensory Integration to name a few. (Full CPD list)

Emma has lectured on O.T Theory and Practice in Portobello Institute Dublin and also lectured Masters Students in the University of Ulster with regard to Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). Emma has worked in private practice on a part time basis since 2012, but in 2014 established her own company ‘OT4Children’ to which she now dedicates her time.

Emma’s particular area of interest is in relation to children’s visual and auditory processing skills and their impact on a child’s development and function. Emma applied to the Health Research Board pursuing funding to complete a PhD research project in relation to children’s vision and its impact on their function and learning. Her biggest passion is working with school aged children who are under performing in school.

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Experienced across all areas to suit your needs

Emma Butler

Consulting Occupational Therapist & Founder of OT4Children
Emma has 11 years experience as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, both in private practice and with Enable Ireland. Known for her attention to detail and caring style, Emma is the founder of OT4Children.


Speech and Language Therapist
Rita has over 30 years experience as an SLT working in a variety of settings including the Lucena Clinic and private practice. She is the founder of, a programme that is used in schools and by parents to improve reading and spelling skills in their children.

Deirdre Griffin

Educational Psychologist
Deirdre is a Child Psychologist who has been assessing how children and adults learn since 1999. Her works covers children as young as 2 to adulthood. She loves the positive impact that she can have on a clients life.

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